WHOLE  TURKEY BREASTS--$5.99/LB--8-12 lb
ORGANIC TURKEYS--$4.99/LB—16-20 lb

Mary’s Free Range Turkeys are grown on Pitman’s family farm in California.  Mary’s turkeys are grown naturally with plenty of room to roam.  No antibiotics, no animal by-products, hormones, preservatives or additives.  Turkeys are cooled in a state of the art “Air Chilled” system to inhibit the likelihood of bacteria growth.

**Bone-In OR Boneless

Niman Ranch spiral-sliced half hams are Heritage breeds raised with traditional, sustainable farming methods.  Hogs are raised outdoors on pasture or in deeply bedded pens and fed only 100% vegetarian diets. NEVER given hormones or antibiotics….Simply, raised with care.

Visit our in-store “produce stand” for your gourmet sides, specialty veggies, dinner rolls, stuffing….

Holiday Menu Planning

GOOSE--$7.99/LB—12-14 LB
TURDUCKEN--$89.50--10 LB

Avila Valley Barn Pies
Apple, Cherry, Olallieberry, Pumpkin, Pecan

One Stop Shopping

FRESH TURKEYS--$3.99/LB—10-24 lb

Willie Bird Turkeys from the ranch in Sonoma County, California. These legendary birds are among the world's best: extraordinarily juicy, succulent and flavorful. They’re raised on a tasty natural diet and allowed to roam freely in the golden, oak-shaded hills. They come to Central Coast Specialty Foods straight from the farm.

​WHOLE SPIRAL HAMS--$5.99/LB—18-20 lb

Vande Rose Farms spiral-sliced hams begin with superior Duroc hogs, a 175-year-old heritage breed prized for its high level of marbling that creates a naturally moist and tender texture.  Hogs are fed a vegetarian diet; free of antibiotics and hormones. The ham is basted with a salty-sweet glaze before wood-smoking.